we are on a mission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth

What We Do


— We Teach

Our ministry has an emphasis on ensuring that knowledge is spread across the world. We have our priority to be that God’s word gets out to all men in simplicity and power.


— We Build Networks

Our mission enables us to build a community of Intentional, vision minded people around the world. Together we can all efficiently teach, disciple and preach to all men.


— We Strengthen

We stand to support churches, fellowships, ministries, schools and organizations ensuring that their missions are enhanced and their vision fulfilled.

Who We Are

We rule on earth, we have been commissioned to bring men back unto alignment with God’s divine will and assist them on their journey in purpose

We are filled with love and passion to reach the lost and help them in their  fulfillment of purpose. We are a team of supernaturally supernatural people with an understanding of God’s word and it’s ability to transform lives irreversibly

We believe in the workings of the spirit and we hold excellence as a core value and influence as another and we believe that we have been set on course to unveil  men unto the father’s will.

We always win, everyday, everytime

Impact Stories

Purpose Conference 2019 helped me overcome my habits

I was this girl who enjoyed having fun without having the future in mind whatsoever. I was invited to Purpose Conference 2019 and after Pst Sijuade ministered I found it hard to do those things I used to do freely before. Now I stand free.


God does not expect you to search for another half, he is the half that completes you -Praise Adeyemi

So many times we try to find a better half somewhere and in our quest to find this better half we let go of quite a lot of people and things. God wants you to understand that with him, you stand whole, complete and unshaken! Relationships ought to be a union between two whole believers living as one


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