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These Are Heroes with a Passion to Transform lives around the world

Our associates

Nigeria | Ogun State

A team of passionate people driven towards creating a breed of happy people with homogeneous mindset, purpose and a clear vision in God’s will

Nigeria | Ogun State

— Recreating The World Foundation

Recreating The World Foundation is a platform created to build up children, teenagers and youth. The purpose of the foundation is to build Goldy children, teenagers and youth, to fight world hunger, homelessness, child exploitation and abuse. RTWF was established to improve the living conditions for children throughout the world, to mentor Children, teenagers and youth who are passing or have passed through difficulties as a result of failed parental care, and to bring them to the knowledge of God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Nigeria | Ogun State

— Saving The World By His Grace Ministry

On a mission to…

Help in massive reconciliation of men back to God.

Help in the effective growth of the body of Christ.

Serve as platform in which Kingdom leaders and ministers built for the work of ministry..

Nigeria | Lagos

— Christ Image Assembly

A ministry committed to raising kings and priests and also ensuring their academics, a platform for Christ.


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