The Purpose Generation

This is our core-mission and even our very first mission in the ministry. Just as Apostles were sent to minister the word, we send out our Ambassadors to preach and disciple Children and teenagers in schools and colleges. We have our Ambassadors equipped enough to minister.

This is a very sensitive mission and it’s our focus to see that every child has access to the Gospel. We believe that every child deserves to hear the Gospel and believe it for themselves. We may not be able to meet them on the streets but since it is absolutely necessary for them to be in school, we have seen that as a platform where we can meet with them, preach the Gospel to them in simplicity and also have a follow up strategy.

Our Ambassadors do the bulk of the JOB, we train them, empower them with  necessary materials to minister and they are released to schools. Although we have only started this in Nigeria, we hope that in the years to come we can reach the whole world. This mission has generated the highest number of souls won due to the strategy placed around it.

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