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What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We always love to help and impart children ministries, organization and schools all over the world.

We do our best to dispatch teams to aid children/youth ministries or organizations that need help in finances or personnel.

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— We Build Networks

Our mission enables us to build a community of Purpose-driven, vision minded poeple around the world.

We move from place to place connecting people to people to the end that it all serves the kingdom assignment.


— We Strengthen

We stand to support churches, ministries, schools and organizations ensuring that their missions are enhanced and their vision fulfilled.

This is why we teach, train and build ministry teams: our goal is to ensure they are absolutely effective


— We Preach

We are committed to preaching to youths and teenagers, setting up fellowships and centers where we create a platform for the God’s word.


— We Disciple

As Jesus commanded us to disciple nations, we have been actively participating in the mission of teaching Godly principles with a balanced teching on grace and faith


— We Teach

As Jesus commanded, we play a heavy role in teaching god’s word using several mediums to reach out to the lost and bring many to the full knowledge, the Epignosis of God’s word

ABout Us

- Our Story

On the 17th of December 2017, the ministry started with an organization called The Purpose Generation. Just at the begining of 2019, Praise Adeyemi received a revelation about the ministry where he saw the ministry being a network of people built up and also go into the nations to spread the Gospel.

The Purpose Network since then began and grew touching lives and spreading the message of Hope and Faith in God. Praise Adeyemi started the ministry from his days on campus as a small team that meets once a week and would go on an outreach occasionally to speak to children and teenagers.

He still went further to start a discipleship academy where he trains people on ministry basics. This disipleship academy also serves as the training ground for the ambassadors of the ministry who after the training go out to several places to teach, preach and disciple many in the doctrine of Christ.

The organization then became an outreach team with a target to Schools, Hospitals, Cells and Prisons e.t.c.

In May 2020, he got the leading to start a teaching ministry, Epignosis. Epignosis broadcasts each week and hold meetings where Praise teaches. Epignosis has been a blessing to many.

— Our Mission

  • We stand to touch the world with the message of hope and faith in the end raise a generation that is aligned to the will and purposes of God.

— Our Vision

  • To reconcile men unto the will of the father by Preaching the Gospel to the world, Teaching and Discipling believers in the doctrine of Christ

‘And he said to them, “Go into the world and preach the gospel”

‘All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us a ministry of Reconcilation’

— Our Drive

We are a group of people driven by love, our only drive is a selfless love. Jesus has commanded us to love one another and we hope to spread this love by impacting lives. When Jesus was on earth, more than anything, He showed a ministry of love and so also we try to show love to those who are weak, those who have been veiled by giving them the exact word they need to move.


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